Our Scholarship

The essence of our program is Christian scholarship

From our humble beginnings in 1996, Apostolic University has always led the way in education, in Christian leadership, and in Christian scholarship.

Our Instructors

Meet our strong leaders who chair departments, teach students, build curriculum, and bless our students.

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Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino

Chancellor, Seminary

With over twenty years in ministry and education, Apostle Marino offers the perfect forum for instruction and mentorship through distance, classroom, and written instruction .

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Charlie Reep, B.A.

Chair, Queer Theology

A strong teacher for our modern times, Teacher Reep presents excellence of scholarship with Bible understanding presented in a practical manner.

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Nik Lewis, B.A.

Chair, School of the Prophets 

With a powerful yet compassionate prophetic insight, Minister Lewis offers the grace to lead as well as instruct prophets for today.   

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Nina B. Marino, RN, LNC

Sanctuary Academy

With almost sixty years in education, nursing, and child development, Prophet Marino provides a stellar insight to educate children in a Christian atmosphere.