Sanctuary Academy

The faculty, staff, and students of Apostolic University are uniquely aware of the need for solid Apostolic Christian education that is both Kingdom-based and Scripturally grounded. It is also essential that children of ministers have the ability to develop skills to help them discern their call and focus in on their unique call in God's Kingdom.

The result of our awareness is Sanctuary Academy, a K-12 ministry preparation private Christian school. Created to help develop necessary skills for our future generation of preachers and church servers and also encourage Kingdom business and development, Sanctuary Academy provides necessary information, skill-building, self-discipline, faith, and empowerment to equip students for their next journeys into adulthood.

The curriculum of Sanctuary Academy has been hand-selected and approved by Apostolic University, and all our instructors are licensed and certified through The Association of Apostolic Christian Educators, International. Our schools follow style, form, and instruction as found through The Association of Apostolic Christian Schools, International. By using a skill-building approach, we balance educational education, practical life skills, Scripture study, Bible education, and empowering faith-building practice and exercises to encourage, uplift, and prepare students for both now and tomorrow. For more information on the advance of Sanctuary Academy, please contact us at