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How much is Apostolic University tuition?

Our undergraduate program (4-year) : $8,500.00

Our masters and doctorate programs (3-year) : $5,500.00

Seminary Program (3.5 year) : $5,500.00

Chaplaincy Program (1-year): $1,500.00

School of the Prophets Program (2-year): $2,500.00


Is tuition higher for foreign students?

For any student requiring in-print books by mail rather than using our ebook resources as available, there is a $1,000 increase in tuition for students in the U.S. and a $2,000 increase for students in foreign countries. The increase in price relates to the cost for foreign mailing and printing. We recommend, therefore, for all distance students to utilize our distance education program online, regardless of location.


I'm not Pentecostal or Ephesians 4:11 in belief. Can I study with you?

Apostolic University students come from a variety of backgrounds and desire to study with us for many different reasons. If you are from a different faith background and desire to study with Apostolic University, you are welcome to apply. It is important to note, however, that Apostolic University theology is Pentecostal in nature, and we believe in the Ephesians 4:11 model for ministry; thus, that is what our students do and will learn.


Does Apostolic University perform ordinations?

Apostolic University does not perform ordinations for our graduates, but our program is considered official training for ordination by Apostolic Fellowship International Revival Ministries, Inc., and their established ministries. All ministries require relationship for ordination, and thus if you desire ordination after graduation, check with the ministries you seek to do your ordination and speak with them for further information. Many ministries recognize education through Apostolic University as competent and thorough for ordination criteria.


Does Apostolic University accept foreign students?

Yes, as long as the students meet admissions requirements and are able to pay their tuition. Students can participate in our distance program anywhere in the world with computer access.


Does Apostolic University offer scholarships?

We do offer a limited number of scholarships per year to qualified individuals who seek to study with our school. Apostolic University's pricing is designed to be affordable so anyone can take our programs. We offer payment plans for those who are unable to pay in a lump sum. We also encourage our students to find sponsors for various costs related to study.


Are payment plans available?

Yes. We are willing to work with our students to work payment plans so students can study and meet tuition with their circumstances, all at the same time.


Can I pay my tuition by check?

Yes, as long as you are in the United States. We cannot accept personal checks from foreign students. Please make all checks payable to Apostolic Fellowship International Revival Ministries. Returned checks incur a $100 penalty fee.


How do we receive and submit assignments?

If you are a distance student, lessons are sent via email and will be available by e-portal. If you are taking in-person classes, lessons and materials will be distributed during class time. Lessons can be returned via snail mail, email, at in-person classes, or soon by uploading your assignments to our online portal.


What does a student need to complete the program?

Students are required to have access to a working computer (with working internet and email) and be proficient in use of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. If a student is unable to master use of these programs, they are required to take our basic computer course at an additional course expense.


How do I contact my instructor if i have questions?

When a student is admitted to Apostolic University, they receive complete information about who will serve as their instructor per course. If you have any questions or need assistance, your instructor will provide you contact information so you are able to contact them when the need arises.


Does Apostolic University offer life experience credits in specific areas?

Being that Apostolic University is about scholarship - not just distributing ministry degrees or offering ministry training, we do not offer life credits or credits applied. If someone has worked in an area of scholarship for a number of years without a degree, we are willing to consider the scholarship applied toward academics, but we do not offer life or experience credit that do not pertain to scholarship or education.


Why are some programs open exclusively to women?

Studies of particular interest to women, the study of women's history, women's ministry, and women's apologetics are from a female perspective, for women, by women. As a result, these programs are not open to men because they serve for the advancement of women in the church.


Can I study with Apostolic University for free?

If you believe you are eligible for a scholarship, then please check the requirements and apply. All students pay something toward their education, scholarship or not, regardless of where they live in the world. University programs cost money to print books, mail materials back and forth, and time and instruction. If you are dealing with hardship, finding a sponsor, saving resources, or petitioning a church or denomination for funding are all ways you can find to cover the expense of the program costs. Because our tuition cost is directly related to our expenses, we are unable to offer full scholarships at this time.


Do you allow foreign Bible schools to become a part of Apostolic University?

We do not allow any Bible school to randomly become a part of Apostolic University, whether in the United States, or in foreign countries. For a school to be accredited by Apostolic University, we require completion of the entire submission and approval process. This does not, however, entitle a school to identify as Apostolic University. We likewise do not just accept requests to become a part of our school because someone asks. Foreign schools can apply for accreditation, but must undergo the same program and pay the required fee.


Do you help/assist with visa or embassy issues for foreign students seeking to come to the US?

Apostolic University, functioning as a distance education resource, does not require its students to be in the United States. Since you are able to study from where you are, we do not process visa or embassy requests. If you are interested to study in the United States with us in person, it is at your own processing, time, expense, and housing. Apostolic University assumes no responsibility for foreign students who desire to come to the United States.

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Our Instructors

Meet our strong leaders who chair departments, teach students, build curriculum, and bless our students.

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Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino

Chancellor, Seminary

With over twenty years in ministry and education, Apostle Marino offers the perfect forum for instruction and mentorship through distance, classroom, and written instruction .

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Charlie Reep, B.A.

Chair, Queer Theology

A strong teacher for our modern times, Teacher Reep presents excellence of scholarship with Bible understanding presented in a practical manner.

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Nik Lewis, B.A.

Chair, School of the Prophets 

With a powerful yet compassionate prophetic insight, Minister Lewis offers the grace to lead as well as instruct prophets for today.

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Nina B. Marino, RN, LNC

Sanctuary Academy

With almost sixty years in education, nursing, and child development, Prophet Marino provides a stellar insight to educate children in a Christian atmosphere. 

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