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Education has the power to transform everything in your life. Christian education empowers for today and tomorrow.

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Campus and distance education available

Whether you are close to Charlotte, North Carolina, or far away, Apostolic University offers full program options to benefit your Christian education.

Training leaders for today

Truth begins as we prepare leaders for their calling in Christ Jesus. In believing the Kingdom of God is within and all around believers, we promote the knowledge of God and essentials of leadership (Luke 17:21, 2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Education for today's student

Education has the power to transform everything in your life. Christian education empowers for today and tomorrow. By using both classic and new technologies, Apostolic University knows how to teach the ancient paths for modern times.   

Integrated learning

Our unique approach incorporates hands-on training, internships, weekly classes, discussions, interaction, experience, and education on a regular basis.  

Our program

Apostolic University is an undergradute, graduate, and doctoral program that revolves exclusively around seminary studies. Our four-year program serves as a seminary preparation for our graduate and doctoral seminary programs.

Our purpose 

Unlike many schools with general studies, Apostolic University is exclusively a theological school. We do not offer degrees that relate to anything other than ministry.  Our students are interested in the work of ministry, for our modern times.

What we offer

Our students are interested in the form of preaching ministry, social gospel work, education, music, writing, religion, philosophy, apologetics, ministry arts, Christian counseling, business, management, communications, missiology, mathematics, and beyond.

Our beliefs

Our theology is Pentecostal, neo-apostolic, Ephesians 4:11 model for ministry and ministerial structure. If you are looking for a solid, Scripturally-based program that equips for ministry in modern times, Apostolic University is perfect for you!

Education from experts

Our staff is well-equipped, well-informed, and prepared to handle a variety of questions, information, and to educate, whether from a distance or in person.  

Scriptural focus

It is our greatest hope that every student be properly equipped to rightly divide the Scriptures in a practical way. In all we do, we provide a solid, Scriptural base, to rightly divide the Word.

The relevance of our work

Christian ministry is about more than speaking ancient languages, but about the "how to" of ministry, day in and day out. Here, weoffer the ways to handle ministry, no matter how tough it gets.

We are affordable

Offering monthly plans, Apostolic University has cut out extreme overhead to ensure our programs remain affordable, for any and all who desire to come and learn with us.  

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“ [Apostolic University] is a great school and I highly recommend it. This school is highly anointed to train God's army to go forth to do His work. ”

— S.M., Sanford, Florida (2013 graduate)