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Change Your World!

Be ready in season and out of season!We prepare today's Christian leaders and educators to answer their call and change their world.


Learn how to go the extra mile for the Lord - and how the right education can empower you to do just that!

We learn in the Scriptures that acquiring knowledge for godliness leads us to life.
Apostolic University stands as an institution dedicated to empowering Christian leaders.

At Apostolic University we equip Christian leaders in everything they need to work for the Kingdom anywhere and everywhere God would have them to serve.

Your Leader In Christian Education

bibleThe power of correspondence and distance learning.
Offering correspondence and distance learning makes study accessible to all, anywhere in the world, at all stages of life and ministry.


The power of in-person instruction.
We now offer classes in the Raleigh, North Carolina area and seminars across the country that count toward Apostolic University credit.

Building God's Kingdom from the inside out.
By equipping leaders in the Kingdom, we give them the necessary tools and information to expand God's Kingdom.  At Apostolic University, we value participation, preparation, and the development of God's gifts to full maturity through bearing fruit.  God has not given us talents, gifts, and purposes so we can ignore or squelch them, but so we can develop what He has given us and bring all to know His glory and grace.