M. Susanne Moore, Sanford, Florida
"Apostolic University is a great school and I highly recommend it. This school is highly anointed to train God's army to do His work."

Dr. J. Darlene Harvey, Th.D., Toms River, New Jersey
"Apostolic University not only embraces Biblical education, but provides its clients with a wealth of life-changing experiences. Dr. Lee Ann Marino is gifted in customizing her students' course syllabuses, tailoring them to embrace God's message and enrich their eternal being."



What makes us different?

We believe that the prevailing nature of truth begins as we prepare leaders accordingly for their calling in Christ Jesus. In believing the Kingdom of God is within and all around believers, we promote the knowledge of God and essentials to leadership that the people of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work (Luke 17:21, 2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Need licensing?

Establishing the standard for Apostolic Christian professionalism, the Association of Apostolic Christian Licensing, International seeks to

distinguish qualified, trained professionals in their fields of expertise. Setting them apart from the rest, we offer The Association of Apostolic Christian Licensing, International to all who are interested in professional credentials.

Make a tuition payment

With many payment plans available, our extremely affordable programs make it possible for anyone who is interested and serious about their work for the Kingdom to pursue higher education and become thoroughly and completely equipped for every good work that they will encounter in their journey for ministry, seminary, Christian education, and beyond.